Tuesday, July 1, 2008


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I’m sure you have heard of MySpace, and not necessarily in a positive light.

MySpace is an organised space that allows you to personalise your interests and activities on the Web. You can browse, search, invite friends to connect and interact, share film reviews, make comments, post mail and blog entries, view videos, post classified ads and much more. It has also gone mobile.

MySpace is an incredibly popular communication tool amongst teenagers, and libraries have begun using MySpace to market to their teenaged patrons. Despite controversy over the issue, the use of creating Library spaces in MySpace is really taking off. Read through the Discovery Resources links below to get an idea of what different libraries are doing in MySpace and what librarians are saying about MySpace!

MySpace is busier than Google, with reports showing that it gets between two and three times Google’s daily traffic. Over 150,000 new MySpace accounts are created daily, so its capacity to each a wide audience is mind-boggling.

Discovery Resources

Activity alternative:

  • Other social networking forums- Drupal is a very interesting content management platform that allows you to create a My Space or Facebook type social network and has been used successfully in educational environments. A good slideshare presentation can be found here .

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